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This forum is designed to inform and educate the public of celebrity posers on the internet. Our goal is to help people prevent themselves from becoming a victim and learn how to help others who are being victimized by posers.
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 The Three Elements of Posers...

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The Three Elements of Posers... Empty
PostSubject: The Three Elements of Posers...   The Three Elements of Posers... EmptyThu Mar 05, 2009 7:18 am

Here's the deal with posers. There are three different types out there. 1) Immature people 2) Drama starters 3) People of malicious intent. Let's break this down one by one.

1) Immature People: These are your posers who range from the ages 13 - 18. Most of these are completely harmless. These posers don't last long and tend to get caught faster than they can create themselves. They're doing is out of sheer boredom and have no lives outside their computers. They're doing it for fun, basically, and are stupid enough to believe that they'd never get in trouble for it.

2) Drama starters: These people range about 18 - 25. They're the ones who usually have some sort of beef with either the celebrity themselves or the person they chose as a victim. Most of these posers don't have any evil intentions, they're doing it to cause drama. People like this get some amount of enjoyment out of tormenting people. These are the kind of people who would laugh at kicking a puppy, basically. They're a waste of oxygen, if you ask me.

3) Malicious People: These are the WORST kinds of posers out there. These posers are very rare, but they pop up because the person is either A) mentally unstable or B) have a reason to want to ruin the reputation of the celebrity they're posing as. Most of these posers will travel in packs. They have several people operating under one celebrity with one person in charge of the whole thing. These people want nothing more than to ruin the celebrity's life, basically. A lot of times they'll go as far as picking apart their fan base since that's the core element to any celebrity's success. They stop at nothing to reach their goal and they have zero conscious. These types of posers are basically stalkers. They will go out of their way to find out every little bitty piece of information on the celebrity and use it to their advantage. A lot of times they'll take the truth and embellish to make the celebrity seem a thousand times worse than they really are. These people spend their lives to this type of posing. Most of them work from home, if they work at all. There's little to be explained to why they do things like this except for the fact that they're just evil.

I've yet to figure this out, but the Carter family is the third most popularly group of celebrities to have posers. A friend of mine joked and said it's because people like to make them appear crazier than they actually are...this could be true. The statistics of it all boggle my brain. I will never understand the mind of a poser, no matter what their reason is.

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The Three Elements of Posers...
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