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This forum is designed to inform and educate the public of celebrity posers on the internet. Our goal is to help people prevent themselves from becoming a victim and learn how to help others who are being victimized by posers.
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 MySpace Poser Article

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PostSubject: MySpace Poser Article   MySpace Poser Article EmptyFri Nov 21, 2008 1:40 am

I found this amazing article on the net about MySpace posers. Read this and memorize the tips given in order to help you from being fooled by a poser.

Credit goes to: http://www.ehow.com/how_4598880_recognize-avoid-celebrity-posers-myspace.html?ref=fuel&utm_source=yahoo&utm_medium=ssp&utm_campaign=yssp_art

How to Recognize and Avoid Celebrity Posers on MySpace

By: Daniel Gansle


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need: A computer with an Internet connection

Step 1

Number for MySpace URL. If you see a celeb with a MySpace URL that has a number as the page name rather than the name of the celebrity (for example, myspace.com/223343), it's a poser site. Even if the celebrity's name is already taken by way of a poser, they will use some other form of their name, such as myspace.com/firstname_lastname_personal.

Step 2

Bizarre/Profane Wording in URL. If the celeb's MySpace URL has a bizarre or profane name, for example myspace.com/celebnamejerk, you're looking at a poser. This one may seem obvious, but still some are fooled by it.

Step 3

Complete Lack of Information on Page. If you see that the celebrity has only one blog post (or none at all), the celeb's bio missing or otherwise incomplete, and there's just a total lack of anything substantial on the page, chances are it's a celebrity poser. Celebrities want to showcase their biographies and their work for promotional reasons and for fans to get to know them. Posers don't want to bother taking the time to build out the page; they only want to give unwary MySpacers the vague impression they're someone they are not.

Step 4

Celeb's Top Friends List. If the celebrity's Top Friends list contains nothing but non-professional individuals who appear even to be goof-offs, chances are you're looking at a poser. Often times these celeb poser sites will be set up among a handful of friends looking to use the celeb's name in order to draw attention to themselves and increase their visibility for various other reasons. Authentic celebs will place fellow colleagues and other professionals in their field in their Top Friends list among perhaps a few close friends that aren't necessarily in their industry but you can tell are legitimate.

Step 5

Site Design. A celebrity will design his or her MySpace site with professional-looking templates, videos showcasing their work, pics such as movie posters, personal pics, and other visual page elements. If you see a bare page or worse, questionable and/or salacious pics of the celebrity, you've got a positive ID for a celeb poser.

Step 6

Last Login. If the celeb's last login was three years ago, and there's not much on the page, and the celeb has only 3 non-professional friends, you've just run into a poser.

Step 7

Celeb's Uploaded Pictures. [/color] Click through the pictures the celebrity has uploaded to his or her MySpace profile page. You should see at least a dozen or so professional-looking pictures. If you see bizarre pictures that don't match the celebrity's activities or personality or have strange captions, you probably have a poser on your hands.

Step 8

Wording That Doesn't Match the Star's Personality. The thing about Hollywood celebs is that they are people just like you and me, and each has a personality just like you and me. Some are shy; others are outgoing; others are serious and determined. If you see that the wording on the celeb's MySpace page doesn't seem to jive with their personality, chances are you're looking at a poser.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember the key signs of a MySpace celebrity poser: lack of info on profile page, only a few Top Friends who appear to be non-professional goof-offs, a "last logged in" date of a year or two ago, pics and text that don't match the celeb's personality, and site URL a number or vulgar reworking of their name.

  • If you see a celebrity poser profile on MySpace, ignore it and move on. If you're a fan and you'd like to support your favorite celeb, you can always write a letter of support via snail mail. Just type the celeb's name into your favorite search engine next to the word "address" to find out the celeb's fan mail address.

  • Unfortunately there's not much celebs can do about their posers. With today's technology, anyone can pose as anyone else on any website. Furthermore, state and federal law is slow to catch up with all the new technologies. Celebs generally know about the existence of posers, so as well-meaning as your efforts may be, notes to celebs such as "did you know you have a poser on Facebook" and "is this the REAL celeb" are kind of beating a dead horse.

  • BE CIVIL! Some people think they can hide behind a user name and get away with being total jerks. Most real celebs will sign you on as a friend fairly quickly. But DO NOT send hate mail or other vulgarities to these celebs thinking you're being cool or funny. You're not.

It's not whether you win or lose...it's how you play the game.
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MySpace Poser Article
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